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We All Can Stop Spam . Today!
By netfrenzy
Copyright © John Soulliere

"Stop Spam By not Buying From Them"

If everybody did the same, spam would stop in a matter of weeks and the cost of Internet connections would start to fall.

As someone who has spent a considerable amount of time and money learning how to attract quality traffic to my Web sites, I often get asked why it is that I am so against the concept of spam, or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email)

UCE is the leading complaint of Internet users. But junk e-mail (as I prefer to think of it) is more than just annoying, it costs Internet users and Internet-based businesses millions, even billions, each year.

Junk e-mail is "postage due" marketing.
It's like a telemarketer calling you collect.

Would you buy from such a person?

Of course you wouldn't, so why buy from a spammer?

I hear people argue that spam is no different to junk mail in my mailbox at home. But that’s not true. If I get junk mail at home, the people who had it printed, have paid for it.

Ultimately, the people who will pay the cost of having it printed and dumped into my mail box, will be the people who buy the advertiser’s products; BUT NOT ME.

Though I intensely dislike junk mail in my mailbox, at least I’m not paying for it.

On the Web, we ALL pay for spam. Millions and millions

of spam letters slow down and block the system every hour. ISPs have to build in extra bandwidth to handle it. And how do they get paid for supplying this extra bandwidth?

They charge EVERYONE, of course.

So every time I get spam, I curse the person who sent it because they not only invaded my private space uninvited, they also cost me money.

On principle I will NEVER, EVER buy from someone who sent me a sales e-mail uninvited - even if the product sounds interesting.

If everybody did the same, spam would stop in a matter of weeks and the cost of Internet connections would start to fall.

When I see spam, I see amateur. I see a stupid, I see SCAM.


So if you don't want to get Scamed Stop Buying From Spamers.

You know those type of emails, that do not offer you a way to opt-out.

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