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Spam Mail: Free Stuff For Surfing?
Spam Mail: Free stuff for surfing?
I wanted to test the waters and figure out what the deal with all of these spam mails were about. So believe it or not I clicked one. As most of you already know you are required to provide your personal information and address in order to participate in the offers. To be BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) do not waste your time. Almost all of these offers throw literally thousands of ads at you and require a confusing amount of actual purchases to get that new laptop they promise.

To be fair the one I clicked does offer a way to check your status and progress towards your prize. Usually though you have to buy enough products from their advertisers to cover the cost of the prize/offer and of course a little juice for the spammer. Also you have to be careful with most of the advertisements since you are actually automatically joining a book/dvd/cd club, travel program, etc.. or at least giving permission for a salesperson to call or drop by your house.


you really want to try and earn that free laptop take some serious advice from the Porker:
1. Create a free email account seperate from your personal account. Your spam will go through the roof trust me on this.
2. Get a pre-paid Debit card that is not tied to a bank account. This will limit your exposure to the amount of cash loaded to the card and protect your credit if you get scammed.
3. Read the Terms very carefully on every ad you respond to so you know what you are getting yourself into.
4. Never put your actual phone number in the registration box. The odds you are going to get the prize/offer fulfilled is slim to none. So why expose yourself to hours of telemarketer harassment.
5. Time management. Trying to survey your way to a free laptop is going to take forever. If the hours involved do not equate to minimum wage then go get a job flipping burgers somewhere and buy a laptop yourself.

These are just some of my observations and experiences.

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