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Anti-spam Solutions. How To Get Rid Of Junk Emails.
By Business Solutions
Anyone receive up to few hundred junk emails every day (some categories of Internet users receive even more - up to few thousands spam emails daily). With high-speed Internet connection it's not a problem to get this emails - the main problem is your time. Try to filter 1000 junk e-mails manually without deleting important letters - this procedure can take one hour and more. Don't you think it's a lot for such junk? PC Guard Software has some good news for you and your email box.

Nowadays anti-spam solutions market ready to fight with electronic junk and protect your PC. But not all anti-spam programs will give you good result. So, let's look little deeper to this problem and to methods how to stop this problem at least for your inboxes.

We have developed two anti-spams that depending on your needs will make your "e-mail life" easier. Here they are: Anti-SPAM Guard and SpamLock.

First of them, Anti-SPAM Guard, developed first of all according to home users needs. This program combines strong anti-spam protection with user-friendly interface. Even PC-beginner will be able to fight spam with Anti-SPAM Guard without any problems. Unlike other similar programs, our software works at once after installation and you don't need to tune any settings or teach program on e-mails. Just install and it will do your work! Anti-SPAM Guard

has few very different steps of protection and this is why you will get only e-mails your truly want to read. Have you ever thought that fighting spam could be so easy?

The second product is SpamLock. More functions, more abilities, more to protect your PC. This software developed to protect your e-mail completely. Complete protection realized in SpamLock means that anti-spam also has: unique anti-virus engine which detects even unknown viruses attached to email; both inbox and outbox protection. The last future have in mind that anti-spam not only protects your inbox, but detects and blocks if some virus, keylogger or other malware turned your PC into a zombie or try to send silently any emails from your computer. SpamLock is like professional anti-spam solutions with scheduler, events and many other useful abilities.

Any of the anti-spam solutions mentioned above can be freely downloaded as have "try before buy" versions. We recommend you to download both products to decide which one approached to you.

We wish you clean inbox and good connect! Take care!

Alex B.
Promotion Team
PC Guard Software

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