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Spamming is a problem, which most people encounter when it comes to the use of computers. This is the unwelcome receipt of e-mails and the automatic pop up of unwanted windows. As such, actions that combat these technological hazards arise. This is where the technical term, anti spamming comes in.  Anti spam defines various actions, which are done to combat these kinds of cyber hazards.

Learn what you can do to stop the flood of junk email with some of these helpful articles...

Differentiating Authentic E-mail From Notorious E-mail Spamming
By Paul Judge
Among the malicious discomforts that most people can expect over the web is the presence of e-mail spamming practices wherein an e-mail account received various messages coming from an unknown Read more...
We All Can Stop Spam . Today!
By netfrenzy
Copyright © John Soulliere"Stop Spam By not Buying From Them"If everybody did the same, spam would stop in a matter of weeks and the cost of Internet connections would start to Read more...
#The Use Of Spam Blockers
By Andrew Symonds
Today, it is not only viruses that need to be looked out for when a person using his personal computer to surf the web. With the fast evolution of technology also comes newfound nemesis such as Read more...
anti spam news:

Smut spam drops to all-time low
Spam messages punting pornographic websites dropped in frequency to reach an all time low last month. Adult spam represented only three per cent of the total amount of spam sent, while overall junk mail levels remained virtually unchanged, according to a study by net security firm Symantec.
World-first code to crackdown on spam
From: AAP By Paul Osborne March 28, 2006 INTERNET service providers could face huge fines if they do not provide spam filtering or impose email sending limits under new rules set down by a communications watchdog.
Anti-porn spam laws to shield kids backfire
Laws in two states to shield children from objectionable e-mail are having a chilling effect on nearly everyone but the spammers they were intended for. The laws in Michigan and Utah create e-mail registries to prevent children from viewing adult-oriented messages. But the laws, both barely a month old, threaten to disrupt businesses nationwide, marketers and legal experts say.