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Welcome to our solar power resource.  Here you will find great resources, articles, links and more about solar power.   With the rising cost of oil alternative sources of energy are required.  Learn about the benefits of one of those resources, solar power, here.

Here are some articles to start with...

Financial Incentives for Using Solar Power in Your Home
By Rick Chapo
It is undeniable that energy prices are going through the roof. Just take a look at your utility bill. The good news is using solar power can save your bank account, particularly with new Read more...
Australia Considers Putting All Schools on Solar Power
By Richard Chapo
You have to love politicians. Jumping on the renewable energy bandwagon, they are suddenly coming up with all kinds of programs to solve energy problems.In Australia, the Labor Party Read more...

Solar Powered Homes

By Brennan Howe
In 1979, the developer of a condominium village in New Hampshire decided to bring an environmentally responsive alternative to the market. He designed the building to used solar energy. The Read more...
solar power news:

Inflatable, Affordable Electric Car Announced
Low cost inflatable electric car is announced as world's first crash-proof, long range, flat-pack vehicle. Imagine a pre-deployed air bag forming the body of the car. (PESN; Sept. 14)
HAFC: Hydro Assist Fuel Cell kit
The HAFC kit presently for sale combines three fuel saving technologies along with a sophisticated computerized emission system optimizer. It includes 1) an electrolysis unit for on-board hydrogen injection; 2) a vaporizer/ionizer using magnets; and 3) additives that include acetone and xylene. (PESWiki; Sept. 11)
Theo Jansen's StrandBeest Kinetic Sculptures
Modern-day DaVinci-like genius has been building various contraptions that walk along via the power of the wind. Made from commonly available tools like plastic tubing, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, hose, and tape, they combine engineering with art. (PESWiki; Sept. 12)