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Carnival Cruise - Expert Guide

Carnival Cruise - Expert Guide
By John Metcalfe
A carnival is one of the best-loved types of
cruise in the world. It offers a heady mix of onboard
entertainment, pampering and relaxation, all within
the plush surroundings of a ship as it sails
from port to port. The ship caters for every
taste, making carnival cruises equally suitable for
those who want to laze endlessly by the pool, to
people who are looking for a full-on party atmosphere.

Sports activities are widely available on a carnival
cruise. Volleyball, basketball, table tennis and even
golf can be played on board the ship. You will
always have access to a well-equipped gymnasium too,
along with personal trainers to help maximize your
fitness routine while on the ship. Additionally,
there is a plethora of watersports on offer, including
jet-skiing and opportunities to learn how to scuba

Carnival cuisine is delightful. All ships
pride themselves on offering a dining experience

is second to none. There is often a huge variety of
restaurants, bistros, cafes and bars on board,
providing everything from burger and fries meals to
cordon bleu cooking. Meals are generally available 24/7,
although some restaurants cater only for meals at set

The nightlife on a carnival is all about having
fun. Casinos, discos, bars and theaters can all be
found on a carnival ship, as well as specialist
entertainment acts including the likes of comedians,
dancers, magicians and theatrical stage performers.
You can even learn how to dance ballroom if you want

Naturally, there are many opportunities to sign up for
day/night excursions at the various ports of call on a
carnival cruise. On a Mediterranean carnival for
instance, you could take in an Italian soccer game or
visit the opera. On a Caribbean carnival you
could spend some time island-hopping or discovering
underwater shipwrecks.

Whatever you decide to do on your carnival cruise,
you're sure guaranteed to have the time of your life -
and with so much fun on offer don't be surprised if you
become addicted to carnival cruising!
John Metcalfe is the author and web publisher of A to Z Cruises your #1 source for cruise information, discounts and great deals! Visit http://www.azcruises.com now to find out more about taking a Carnival Cruise vacation.


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