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Cruise - 7 Perks Of Luxury Cruising - Auto Recovery

Cruise - 7 Perks Of Luxury Cruising - Auto Recovery
By Bruce Pickett
Luxury cruising is an experience unto itself, the kind of exceptional vacation that you will always remember. Why is it so exceptional? Read on to find out why we believe a luxury is such a good value and a wonderful experience that everyone can enjoy.

1. Affordable combination of sea and land vacation
Luxury cruising is a very affordable combination of a sea vacation with a land vacation. You get to experience the fun of being on a ship as well as visit several different port destinations, each with a different set of adventures waiting for you to discover. When you compare the cost of a luxury with comparable costs of the same travel itinerary, accommodations, food and amenities, it is easy to see that the is a very good value.

2. Visit several locations, but only unpack once
Have you ever gone on a vacation where you stopped at two or three different locations, each time having to unpack your things then re-pack when it was time to move on? When you take a cruise, you only have to unpack once but still get to experience several different locations along the way. The ship is your "home base", always there at the end of the day with your familiar cabin, a fresh change of clothes, a great meal, and more activities to enjoy after you leave port.

3. Do as much or as little as you like
Luxury cruising allows you the freedom to build the kind of vacation that is just right for you. If you like to be active and adventurous, you can stay busy with shipboard opportunities as well as port excursions and exploration. If something more relaxed is to your liking, you can do that, too, spending long lazy hours by the pool, relaxing on deck, or enjoying a quiet

corner in the ship library.

4. Take the whole family
A common misconception is that luxury cruising is an "adults only" vacation. Most lines welcome families and provide varying levels of accommodations and special programs for cruisers of all ages. Some lines even specialize in families, building the entire ship and itinerary around family needs. Whether you want to spend time together as a family, or turn the kids loose in supervised program while you enjoy some adult time, a family-focused offers something for every member of the family.

5. Exceptional service
If you have never been on a cruise, it is a bit hard to grasp the exceptional level of service that is found on most ships. From your cabin steward to your waiter, everyone is focused on serving you and making your vacation as enjoyable as possible. The cabin steward will keep your cabin spotlessly clean, often leaving fun towel sculptures and special touches for your amusement, while your waiter will make a point of getting to know your preferences and strive to give you what you want before you even know you want it.

6. Meet people from all over
A luxury attracts passengers from all over the country and all over the world. You will have the chance to meet people during onboard activities and on shore excursions, but perhaps the most fun is getting to know your seat mates at the dinner table. It is typical to be seated at a table of eight people, with whom you will share conversation, laughs, and wonderful meals throughout the cruise.

7. Get away from it all
When you take a luxury cruise, it is not so easy to check your e-mail, call into the office, or otherwise keep tabs on what is going on at home. It can be done, of course, but being on a ship is a unique opportunity to leave the rest of the world behind and truly get away from it all. Your only job, while onboard and in the ports of call, is to relax and do exactly what you want to do. Nothing more, nothing less, with no interruptions like phone calls, voice mail or e-mail.
Bruce Pickett is enthusiastic in helping people to plan cruise vacations. Learn 7 essential facts about why cruising is such a great bargain. Get free cruise newsletters & a free contest at HREF="www.fivestarcruising.net">Five Star Cruising


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