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Golf Basics 高尔夫基本知识

Golf is played by hitting a ball using a club on an area called “teeing ground.” Once the ball is hit, it usually travels fairways across and onto a next prepared area.高尔夫是发挥创用球俱乐部的一个地区被称为"名将地面" 。一旦球击中,它通常游记海峡航道上,并在下一个准备区。 A hole could be found in this area that is called a “putting green.”孔可发现在这方面是一个称为"把绿" 。

The objective of the game of golf is that one should be able to complete a hole by means of hitting a ball from a teeing ground and place it inside the hole of the putting green in as little strokes as possible.目标高尔夫,是一个应能完成一个洞,借打一个球,从地面名将置于内洞推杆绿少招越好。 What is commonly referred to as a round of golf usually consists of 18 holes to be played in.什么是俗称为一轮高尔夫球通常包含18洞比赛。

In golf, there are basically two kinds of play to choose from.在高尔夫球,基本上有两种游戏可供选择。 The winner in one kind of play is determined by the holes that are lost and won, this is referred to as a match play.赢家一种游戏,是由孔,丧失赢了,这是指作为一个比洞赛。

The other kind of play is determined by the number of strokes one has taken to complete a round.另一种是发挥取决于有多少人中风,已采取完成一轮。 This is called a stroke play.这是一个名为中风。

When playing golf, there are basically two relevant rules to remember: as you find the course, go play it.当打高尔夫球时,基本上有两种相关规则,要记住:你觉得当然,去发挥它。 As the ball lies, it should also be played as such.当球所在,也应该发挥这种看法。

If you find it hard to follow the above rule, at least try your best to do what is fair.如果你觉得很难遵循上述规则,至少尽量做到公平。 How do you know what is fair?你怎么知道什么是公平? Below are the summarized rules to give you a good idea of how to play a good and just game of golf.下面是总结规则,给你一个好主意,如何发挥好,只打高尔夫球。

The Intro: Basic golf courtesy在1889年-1968 :高尔夫基本礼仪

Avoid moving, talking or standing too close to a golfer who is about to make a stroke.避免移动,或者说身高太接近高尔夫的人约有使中风。

Play with a minimum amount of delay.玩一个最低数额的延误。 As soon as the players in the group that you are in have left, it is just as best that you do the same.尽快运动员组,你都已经离开,它只是作为最好的,你这样做。

Try your best not to play until the group is already out of the way.尽量不要到发挥集团已走出去。

As much as possible, try to replace the divots.尽可能尝试更换草皮。 Also, do not forget to smooth any footprints found in the bunkers.同时,可别忘了平稳任何脚印发现掩体。

It is highly inadvisable to drop your clubs on the putting green, so don’t!这是非常不明智的,以减少你对俱乐部提出了绿色,所以不要!

The Rules of Playing规则玩

Before playing that all important round of golf, the first thing you should do is to read the local rules stated on the score card you are holding.以前玩所有重要一轮高尔夫,第一件事你应该做的是阅读当地的规则说明,对评分卡,你拿。 After which do not forget to place an identifying mark on the ball you are going to use.之后,可别忘了一套识别标志对球你怎样使用。 Some golfers use the same type and brand of golf ball, if in case your ball is placed among these bunch, you will have difficulty knowing which is which.有些选手使用同一种类和品牌高尔夫球,如果万一你的球是放置其中的一群,你会有难以辨别哪是哪。

Label which ball is yours is more practical to do.帽子球是你们的是更实际的事情。

Make sure that you get to count your clubs before actual play.确保你能指望你的俱乐部前实际发挥。 You should have a maximum of fourteen clubs.你应该有一个最高的14俱乐部。

When starting actual play, it is best that you tee off in front of the tee markers.当实际出发发挥,最好是你的发球过前面开球标志。

When you tee off a little bit off or outside this specified area and you are playing a match play, your opponent may have to ask you to repeat the stroke you just did.当你的发球过一点点过或外指定海域和你玩了比洞赛,你的对手可能要请你重复中风你刚刚做。 The good thing when one does this in a match play, you get to incur no penalty.好事之一时,这是否在比赛中发挥,你能不招致惩罚。

However, if in a stroke play, you then are given a penalty of two-stroke.但是,如果在一个比杆赛,然后你给予罚款两冲程。 You are therefore required to play in the appropriate area.你,因此需要发挥在适当的地区。

If while you are playing and your ball happens to lie in a bunker or a water hazard, you should not in any way touch the ground of the bunker or the water before you do your downswing.如果你正在玩球,你恰巧在于沙坑或水害的,你不应当以任何方式接触地面的掩体或水中,然后你贵无比。

The ball must as much as possible be struck fairly and should neither be spooned or pushed.球要尽可能平衡公正不应一脚或推。

It is okay for you to mark the ball that you are using.它是好的,为你庆祝球,你用。 You could lift your ball, clean it and place it on the exact place where it was.你可以解除你的球,清洁它,将它放在确切的地方了。

When dropping a ball, it is best that you erectly stand and then hold the ball at the length of your shoulder, and then you may drop it.当弃掉一个球,最好是你襟立场,然后进行球的长度你的肩膀,然后你可能会下降。 If by dropping the ball it happens to strike your partner, you or your caddie, the ball must then be dropped again with no penalty.如果撤去球正好罢工伴侣,你或你的球童,球然后必须再次下降,没有罚则。

It is also okay for you to lift your ball if by doing so you are able to assist another player.这也是好的,为你解除你的球,如果这样,你能协助另一球员。 Or you also may lift any other ball as long as that ball interferes with your playing or interferes another player.或者,你也可以解除任何其他球,只要球会干扰你玩或干扰另一个球员。





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