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Should you sell your home yourself? 如果你卖你的家吗?
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Should You Sell By Yourself? 如果你卖你吗?

Are you thinking about selling your home?  Would you like to sell it by yourself instead of hiring a real estate agent?  If so it would be beneficial to review the pros and cons of selling your home by yourself before hanging out the sign.你想卖你的家?你想卖掉它自己而非租用房地产经纪人?若然,这将有利于审查利弊,并出售你的家,你才挂出的迹象。


Selling your home without an agent means More Money.  If that’s not an incentive, what is?  By selling it yourself you save the fees or commissions (thousands of dollars) that you would have to pay an agent.卖你家没有代理人意味着更多的钱,如果这不是一个诱因是什么?出售自己节省的费用或佣金(单位:千美元) ,您将不得不支付代理人。

You are able to decide the times for open houses and showings as well as where you want to advertise.  Because you are only selling one home - unlike a real estate agent who is working with many buyers and sellers – you will always be focused on the selling of your home.  You will have more interest in the sale than a real estate agent who may be looking for bigger commissions elsewhere.你就可以决定的时代,为开放住房和放映,以及您想要做广告,因为你只卖出一个家-不像一名房地产经纪人,他们正在与许多买主和卖主-你永远是侧重于卖你的家,你将会有更多的兴趣,在销售比房地产经纪人,他们可能会寻求更大的佣金别处。

CONS 两种意见

Real estate agents are paid good money for a reason.  Selling a home takes a lot of time and energy.  Open houses, dealing with potential buyers, closing sales and dealing with the legal issues are familiar turf for these people and their experience can impact the sale.地产代理商支付好钱的原因只有一个,出售一个家要花很多时间和精力。打开房子,在处理与可能的买主,而关闭的销售和处理的法律问题,熟悉的草地,为这些人及他们的经验可影响售。

Be realistic about what you are willing to do.  Will you drop everything to make a showing?  Are you able to ‘close the deal’ and ask for an offer?  It is not everyone who can take on such a big project or can handle the tension of dealing with buyers.现实的态度是什么,你愿意这样做,您是否会下降的一切作出说明?你能紧密协议' ,并要求要约的?是不是每个人可以承担这么大的工程,或者可以处理张力处理买家。

However, if the challenge excites you and if you are ready for hard work and willing to learn then it is not impossible for you to manage alone.  With a little know-how and a lot of energy, you can sell your home without the help of a real estate agent and reap the rewards!但是,如果面临的挑战激发了你,如果你已准备就绪,勤奋工作,并愿意学习,那是不是不可能的,你来管理,单以一个小诀窍,并花了很多精力,你可以卖你家没有帮助一个房地产经纪人,并获得奖励!

Where do you begin?当你开始?

Start with evaluating your home – how much can you ask?  What work needs to be done?  How do you decide how much your house is worth without asking too much and scaring buyers off or too little and not making what you should?首先评价你的家-能有多大,你想问什么工作需要做,如何做,你决定多少你的房子是值得没有要求太多,吓跑买家一次性或太少,不作什么,你应注意什么?

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